YOUR Unique Story

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Ever visualize your life as a story you're writing?

I do. I find it helpful. When I think of each day as a page in my story, it helps me to:

  • Realize that each day counts.

  • Stay focused on the things that truly matter (those important but not necessarily "urgent" things that can easily get pushed to the back-burner).

  • Keep the story interesting! (Seriously, who wants to read a story about a girl whose life is all about checking off tasks on a to-do list?)

YOU are the author of your story.

You are also the main character. The hero. (Cue Wind Beneath My Wings, lol.)

Seriously though, I want you to think of yourself as the hero of your story.

You can't control all the events of the story, but you can control how the hero reacts to those events.

And in good stories, the hero:

  • Has a mission, and is on an important journey (a big goal you want to accomplish)

  • Faces plenty of challenges

  • Seeks creative solutions

  • Tries different things (and often fails... which is okay)

  • Doesn't give up

  • Learns and grows

  • Ultimately comes out on top.

I hope that your 2019 story is an exciting one, Kiley!

Remember that CONSISTENCY is a super-power that leads heroes to success.


And speaking of consistency...

Tomato Mushroom Stew with Lentils and Brown Rice.jpg

I'm happy to report that I stuck to my 2018 resolution (which was to try one new healthy recipe a week and share them on the blog)!!!

The road wasn't perfect. I got behind at times. I had to re-make some of the recipes that didn't turn out so well.

But I didn't quit. And it's a great feeling, knowing that I stayed focused on my goal and saw it through to completion.

I implemented 4 success strategies that undoubtedly helped me.

I discuss these strategies, and share ALL of the recipes I tried over the past year, in this post.

I hope the post helps you with your own goals... and gives you some healthy recipe ideas for 2019!

This post was originally written on January 1, 2019.