A Good Way to Retain & Implement Useful Material

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You know that you’re a personal development nerd when…

You buy not one, but TWO versions of the personal development books you love. :)

Allow me to explain…

When it comes to reading, I usually start with an audiobook because I can do so many other things while listening to it (exercise, laundry, commute to/from work). Audiobooks allow me to “read” so much more material than I would ever be able to consume through written text.

But when I'm really getting into an audiobook (constantly bookmarking in the Audible app), I end up buying the hard copy too.

Yes, I end up paying twice as much for the material... But it's worth it to me. 

Because in a physical book, I can highlight, bookmark, and make all kinds of notes in it. Getting through the book is quick because I’m already familiar with the material. It’s more of a review and recap of important points. And it really helps the material to “stick.”

In other words, it's a more active and repetitive way of learning, which allows me to retain the information better.

In my opinion, it’s better to read a few good books, and really IMPLEMENT the material, rather than reading a ton of books but never taking action.

So if you haven’t reached this level of personal development nerdom yet, give it a try! :)

This post was originally written on December 22, 2018.